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Must Have Features in any Jewelry Software

Jewellery software is used to carry out different jewellery business related work like Jewellery Production Planning, Jewellery Manufacturing, Inventory management, Jewellery catalogue generation, Price quotation, Stock Keeping and Order Management. Below are some of the must have features in any jewellery features. If you are planning to purchase any jewellery software, then read the article to get the complete list of features you should check before making a final selection.

Jewelry catalogue generation in different formats to mail to clients or to print jewelry catalogs with different layouts.

Jewelry quotation to clients with complete costing system of metal price, jewelry production labor cost, BOM (bill of material) cost including diamond cost, color stone cost, metal components & findings cost, with overhead calculation & margins calculations.

Client orders with their due dates, order confirmation sheets to clients. Jewelry order material requirement generations viz metal, findings, Diamond & stones, rubber mold requirements. MRP – Material Requirement planning, it’s really important to any jewelry manufacturer to know the material requirement to fulfill any jewelry order, how much is available in stock and how much more to purchase.

PO: According to generate Purchase Orders to vendors to supply the shortfall in stock to complete the jewelry order including diamonds, color stones, metal components, findings, jewelry manufacturing tools, etc.

Purchases: Direct purchases or purchases against the Pos raised to vendors which can be cross verified by jewelry raw material inventory department to transferred to respective stock of departments like metal stock department which keeps track of raw gold, silver, copper, alloy, dust, metal scraps etc; stone department which keeps track of different packets of diamonds, color stones, broken stones etc and to store as well which keep inventory of tools & accessories required to run any jewelry production company. All these raw material stock departments issue the required raw material to jewelry manufacturing departments as per their needs to process the order & finish the jewelry items against various orders.

 Production Planning: Any jewelry software must help the user to know the production load on the floor and how to plan the new orders; it should help to generate job sheets with complete details of the item to be produced with their images, barcodes etc. The jewelry production job sheet must have details for all the departments from Mould making, casting tree making, jewelry casting, filing, jewelry polishing, diamond setting, stone setting, rhodium, packing departments, etc. and help them to know what they must do. These job sheets move from one department to another with the item and help the departments’ heads or jewelry software operators to make entries in the Jewelry ERP Software for their jewelry factory.

 Jewelry Manufacturing: All the departments in a jewelry factory must process the order with the help of jewelry software and follow the steps decided in the software by the production planning team. By making a single issue returns entry to & from the workers in the software, the jewelry system should automatically calculate the losses, dust, metal scrap, worker performance, department performance, jewelry production cost, order completion cost, profit on a particular order, order status, jewelry item rejections, reorders, etc.

Jewelry quality control department checks the items produced by their jewelry factory and verify the item with the details mentioned in the software at the time of client order and job sheet generation. Finish jewelry items are transferred to ready jewelry stock after jewelry tag & barcode sticking on the item. All these steps should be very simple in the jewelry manufacturing software. Few jewelry factories all do the costing of the finished item at the time of QC.

 Jewelry Sales (Jewelry POS: Point of Sale): An important feature of any jewelry production, inventory, accounts, tagging, bar-coding, purchases & sales management software is Point of Sales part. It should be robust & easy to use and simple to make the sales entries. Approval or consignment system is a very important aspect of any jewelry business, therefore, the jewelry software, or jewelry application must be able to provide consignment related features. Jewelry items can be sent to clients on consignment for approval and further to it these items can either be converted to sales or return to inventory as approval return.

Jewelry Accounts Management: Accounts should be embedded in the jewelry ERP system. All these transactions in purchase & sales should directly be posted to accounts. There shouldn’t be repeated entries in jewelry computer software. Bill wise outstanding, payables, receivables, ledgers, trial balance, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet, etc. should be generated by the system automatically.

Additional features which should be there in jewelry business management software are multi-currency, multi-users, analysis, MIS reports, Stock tally system, report conversions to excels, user access rights, auto backs, easy to install, etc

 Technology: The basic requirement of any jewelry business control software is that it should run simultaneously on many computers which is Server client technology. There should be high-performance servers such as Xeon servers with 32GB or 64GB RAM, and hard disk should be fast with 15000 RPM speed minimum.